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What you learn doing abortions after 20 weeks

A wonderful human piece from Dr. Jen Gunter. Go check out her blog for a treasure trove of good information, heartfelt advice, and fantastic writings.

Dr. Jen Gunter

Residency doesn’t prepare you for listening to someone you have never met pleading over the phone for help, their breathless desperation as they try to tell their sad story between sobs, intertwined with intimate details. They would say random, heart breaking things like, “What do we do with the crib?”

They were similar in many ways. A state with a 20 week ban on “elective” pregnancy terminations. The ultrasound that diagnosed the catastrophic collision of chromosomes performed too late. Often there was the suggestion that the doctor might have been offensively “pro-life,” the kind that orders the second trimester scans a little later than recommended for those women they know are pro-choice.

I didn’t set out to do post 20 week abortions, I just kind of ended up doing them because with each turn in medical school and residency it seemed no one else was. I was always pro-choice. I…

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Common hypocrisy

This is from another blog, go check it out. They’re looking for contributors if you’re a writer…

Go check out this blog. A wonderful blog about math and its beauty Coq proved four colour theorem

Coq means rooster in French. But it has been named after the name of its inventor, Thierry Coquand. It is an interactive theorem prover. It is not an automated theorem prover but includes automatic…

Source: Coq proved four colour theorem

How Scandalous!

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Although mathematics is often considered a ‘bland’ subject, (I, however, completely disagree with this!), throughout the years there have been many scandals. Here are my top 5 mathematics scandals! Alan Turing Trial Turing was on of the mathematical geniuses of the 20th century, working in the areas of cryptology and computer science. In World War […]

A Historical Account

Again, my “other” blog

Source: A Historical Account

Rehabilitation Prisons

Another Dose…

A Dose of Andrew

For Spoilers, jump to the end 🙂

For-profit prison. The very name of it sounds like something to be heavily regulated at the very least, and probably be nonexistent. At least in a society that claims to be for its people. The history of profiteering prisons is long, there is a great article about it here. The numbers are staggering. The opportunism and covering of it are even more so, The refusal of expensive prisoners? Why is that even an option? Most telling is the fact that it is never calculated in the cost-benefit analyses of the companies that run them. There is no cost-benefit analysis that can price a human being’s potential. The single most important fact is this: the private prisons are not held to the same constitutional standards as government-run facilities. When did we sell our constitutional rights? For all the bluster of any politician or…

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An Abortion Prayer

May it help someone


Source: An Abortion Prayer

Engauge Makes Graph Thieving a Cinch

Source: Engauge Makes Graph Thieving a Cinch

Confessions of an Egotistical Kind

Confessions of an egotistical kind
Mirror, mirror above the bathroom sink
I talk to you because my shit does not stink
and I ask of you to show me why
The world doesn’t see I’m a hell of a guy
I have my walk, some might call a strut
That’s because everyone’s looking at my butt
Or how everyone swoons once they’ve heard
how wonderful I am with all these words
I speak clearly, concisely, and I don’t mumble
I try, but Lord it’s Hard to be Humble
I don’t shoehorn myself into tight jeans
partly because there’s more of me to squeeze
I was asked once, is it petit, or can I pet it?
Haha, yeah, you got it, that’s what she said
Of course you can pet it, but don’t be alarmed
when this beast grows, he means you no harm
and when you are done and put away wet
don’t you worry, this tongue isn’t done yet
and I pour myself into all of my art
because, well, I’m just so damn smart
And don’t worry about me getting a big head
just put your lips together and blow, instead
I talk my talk, and barely flex a muscle
even jealousy envies my kind of trouble
A little more bad, in my bad boy bank
still Mr. Niceguy, with a smile and thanks
Oh yes, I am the greatest, you didn’t know that?
I’m telling you your opinion, because it’s a fact
I’ve never met an intellectual pursuit
that was beyond me, or I couldn’t do
them’s the breaks, they say I know-it-all
when I make a mistake, they rush to watch me fall
such a spectacle because it happens so little
but it’s a bad investment, and interest dwindles
I don’t throw around my weight or my money
besides, I got your love, would you buy me that honey?
You don’t have to believe, whatever floats your boat
but I have you smiling at this long joke
the other thing, you see, the point to all this
well, I’m the greatest, and only, real fucking psychic

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